Jewelry Maker Supplier’s List: Updated for 2012

I’ve updated my Jewelry Maker Supplier’s List , adding a few new sites and editing out dead links. If you are a jewelry maker and would like to suggest a site to add to the list, leave a comment below or on the list.

Happy Monday!

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True Blood – Russell is back, with a vengeance. YAY!

Did you catch Sunday night’s latest True Blood episode? Yowzer, the ending was a doozy. Right?

You know, I was more than just a little disappointed when the Russell Edgington character was buried in cement in Season three. While all kinds of vile and crazy, how could you not enjoy him on screen? He is practically gleeful, delivering even the most absurd lines in that wonderful, faux-harmless southern twang. Remember threatening to eat your kids while delivering the news? “You are not our equals. We will eat you after we eat your children. Now time for the weather. Tiffany?”

(Warning, not appropriate for work or children or weak constitutions)

Other than the backside of a certain Nordic vampire, Russell was my favorite part of True Blood. And now he’s back! And in true Russell form. No holds barred. Still mostly unhinged and eccentric as ever.

I’m actually looking forward to next week’s episode. What will Russell do? What will Russell say? How much fake blood can appear on the screen at one time? LOL

By the way, did you know you can actually order Russell’s news quote as a Tshirt? Yup.

Time for the weather. Tiffany? True Blood Tshirt


And, a Trubie mug I’ve featured on this blog before, but is still fabulous from Maid of Clay:
True Blood Coffee Cups mugs

So, did you watch?

What did you think?

And more importantly, will Steve Newlin replace Talbot?
Hmmmmmmmm :-)

Happy Tuesday ya’ll,

New shiny blog! The before and after

I’m so excited to roll out an updated new and shiny blog format. Brandi, the uber talented host of the very color savvy Brandi Girl Blog designed a new lovely header as well as suggest multiple changes including color and formatting and nifty new little tools.

The final effect is crisper and cleaner I think.. with just the right punch of color.


While she was busy spiffing up the visual, I also spent some time editing some of my pages and creating a new About page on my blog. While I think that posts about  jewelry creation will continue to be part of the new blog, I’d also like to write a bit more about anything else that happens to hit the brain.  And who knows what that could be. My noggin can be a chaotic and arbitrary place. :-)

Enjoy your weekend,