A path has formed!

I think I’ve found my path..at least my jewelry path.  As I’ve mentioned previously, I’ve stopped making items to sell. I’ve returned to only creating things that make me happy. 

Last night I moved quite a few items from ShinyAdornments into my ShinySupplies shop. This will be a good final resting point for both destash supplies as well as an outlet for designs that don’t sell or pieces that don’t really fit into my new theme.

My ShinyAdornments shop will feature mostly one of a kind creations. More wirewrapped than not, but as with any personal endeavor, I reserve the right to create with whatever materials that inspire. It’s liberating, really.

I sat down last weekend and when the dust cleared, had completed a new wrapped necklace and a pair of earrings. I had also started a new bracelet that I finished last night. I’m quite enamored of this earring style, which I hope to have posted this week. I have some gorgeous HUGE peacock pearls calling to me and think they will work quite well with this wire wrapped shape.

Creating jewelry began for me as an outlet for work stress. While I enjoy aspects of the ‘business’ side, I don’t want to lose touch with why I began in the first place. Sometimes the marketing, selling, etc, etc, etc takes over a larger portion of my time than that at my bench.

 Its a journey, right?  And this is my current path.


  1. It sounds like you’ve given this plenty of thought … that’s always a good start for a new path.

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