Artfire: I took the plunge

I did it. I opened an account on ArtFire, one of the latest offerings available to sell artisan crafts online.

ArtFire calls itself “the premier online marketplace for handmade products designed by artisans around the globe. Our free community is designed for artisans to buy and sell their works, while celebrating unique handmade items and designs. ” Also, according to the site they “spend money to advertise this site to buyers. How much? $7-10 million dollars on advertising in the next 12 months. Including the back cover of craft magazine for the next two years and purchased over 2 million views of ArtFire ads on websites ranging from Facebook to Mother Jones magazine in the first week of November! We will continue to buy advertising and increase that budget every month for you. ” Wow. A marketing plan. Wow.

Traffic rankings look pretty good, and the site is already advertising both in print as well as online venues. So why ArtFire? Well, for one, it has stats. Real stats. Wonder of wonders. Also, Artfire allows 10 images per listing, a vacation mode, and a markdown manager. With things like auto posting to Google base in the works. j

Artfire’s pricing is simple. Right now, as a reward to join and help work out all the bugs in the beta version of the site, you pay $7 a month. That’s it. No additional listing fees, no final value fees, no sales commissions. Ever. And it’s $7 per month forever. As long as you own your shop. Shop owners receive their own sub domain. Wow. Did I already say wow?

It is important to note, however, that the site is still in beta testing. What’s that mean? Its NEW. Shiny shiny NEW. And because it’s new, it has bugs. And by definition, that’s why its in beta…to test and find and kill the bugs. But, that’s also why the $7 a month offer is in place.. once the kinks are worked out, sellers will pay $20 per month. Fair trade off I think, don’t you?

Oh, and one more thing. If you create a verified $7 a month account right now, and then get 10 more peeps to create accounts too, your shop will be free for life. No monthly fees. Ever. How super cool is that?

If you are interested, click the link below. I’d love it if you used me as your referrer. Then pass along the love.
Register on

UPDATE: After setting up my shop and interacting a bit on this site, here’s what I like so far:

1. Stats. Honest to goodness stats. I can actually tell where my referring URLs are from and how many of my items are being found via google. Holy cow
2. One page listing process. ONE page.
3. New items appear on the front page for a bit…very cool
4. Unlimited items for $7 a month
5. My stuff is already appearing in google searches
6. Requests are handled pretty quickly by the admin team
7. Traffic to the site is WAY up according to alexa. YAY!
8. Print advertising campaign already in place and growing
9. I can use HTML in my product descriptions. This means I can format text and add links, etc. YAY!

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  1. How cool! A new selling place! Glad it isn’t juried…tired of hearing I’m not fu fu enough… Off to check it out..if I sign up, I’ll add you as a referer! Thanks sweetie

  2. I just read a comment you had posted on another site and found out about ArtFire from you. I signed up using your link, thanks so much. Your jewelry is beautiful too! Good luck everyone.

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