Handmade crafters selling venue profile: HandmadeFuZion

In a previous post, I provided a list of venues for artists, artistans and artisan crafters. This week I’m profiling another of those sites on my blog.

I asked Janice & Danielle, Proprietors of HandmadeFuZion to tell us a bit more about the venue.

What is the site name and where can artisan sellers find you?
Handmade FuZion can be found at http://handmadefuzion.com


Tell us a little about your site’s history. What are its origins?
Handmade FuZion was created and developed by women who just happen to be blessed by being sisters. We have no intention of being like any other online venue, nor do we wish to compete with any of them. We believe that there is an abundance of talent as well as those seeking the workmanship and personal connection you get when buying from a handmade specialist. With years of knowledge, experience and selling our items online, at craft shows and at B&M shops, we have come to understand the needs of the artisan and also what we like to see as consumers.

We started research and development in 2005 and then we launched the beta version wwcrafters.com. There was much to learn and many modifications were needed to step up to the selling venue level we are at now with Handmade FuZion. We launched the site September 15, 2008. We combined the Social Networking aspects of Handmade FuZion because we realized that many artisans love to showcase, promote and express their talents to family, friends and peers. There are thousands of blogs, photo sites and other social networks out there, but Handmade FuZion’s Network is unique because it is a network designed specifically for the opportunity to be a part of an artist centered network!

Tell us about the site’s staff.
Jose-Selling Venue Developer & Programmer
Phillip-Network Programmer
Bert-Graphic Designer and 5 volunteer jury teams.

What is your plan for the site? What are your goals?
We plan to keep the site juried and never allow resellers of mass produced items in. Our goals are to keep our site respectful to the handmade community, to continue to grow and expand and to provide our artisans with the best tools that will enhance their online experience for their overall success. Advertising is at the top of our priority list and will be more aggressively advertising now that the bugs have been worked out.

Who is your target seller audience?
Anyone who creates an item with their own two hands, has good photos and excellent customer service is welcome to submit an application.

Who is your target buyer audience? How will you drive buyers to your venue?
Buyers are anyone who appreciates a handmade item. There’s a special feeling that comes from knowing what you purchased came from the caring hands of another thoughtful and talented individual. We are finding more and more people are choosing to purchase a handmade item for themselves and as gifts for others. Our artisans are so creative that you will find accessories to woodworking pieces and everything in between. We have been advertising on Project Wonderful, Google, Yahoo, Zines, Newspapers and on Jan 9th our first talk radio commercial will air.

Is this an international, domestic US, Far East or European focused site?
We wish to reach out to people worldwide. This is why we have currency converters right on site to aid them in their listings and sales. Talent has no boundaries and neither does Handmade FuZion.

What differentiates this venue from other online selling venues? Why should artisan sellers consider utilizing this site as a resource instead of other, older sites or their own sites?
First of all, we are a juried site. This helps keep resellers out and also keeps a cap on how many vendors are accepted for each category. This makes listing more gratifying and selling a much more pleasant experience because there are not thousands of one particular type of item. We have several features for our sellers such as a Newsletter, Vouchers, Discount Mode, Vacation Mode and a Network with which they can provide their buyers a special touch. We also submit every listing to Google Base, have RSS feeds and have a “Handmade-to-Go”, seller stats and an exclusive artisan interview page we will be rolling out early 2009. Our listing fees are very affordable and we choose to always keep it this way as we are artisans ourselves and know that the cost of doing business can sometimes take a big bite out of one’s profit.

Buyers coming into to the site can enjoy a simple and clean interface. They can also enjoy marking items and stores as favorites to make shopping easier. We have a keyword notification feature that allows a buyer to put in specific keywords of items they are searching for and when that item is listed they are notified via email immediately!

What else should we know?
We will continue to expand and find cutting-edge features, tools and networks to bring to our venue. Just a few mentions of handmadefuzion.

Stay tuned over the next weeks as I will be profiling more artisan handmade selling  venues with interviews from the site owners. You can find this site’s traffic rank according to Alexa here

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  1. I’m so glad I came across your blog. I love handmade Fuzion, and I’m hoping for a great 2009 for all of us on there!

    Janice and Danielle are great, and they work very hard to make sure we’re happy with the site. They are truly the BEST!!

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