Friday Funny: My favorite funny blogs

This Friday,I thought I’d share some of the funny blogs I’ve subscribed. The first two are handmade related, more or less. The rest, well the rest just make me laugh. If you don’t have them saved as favorites in your Google Reader, you may want to add them.

You can find more funny blogs in an earlier post.

Craftastrophe – The title tells the tell. Often not for the weak of stomach.

Homemade Hilarity – The author’s comments are priceless

FailBlog – Pictures, video. And don’t forget to review the reader comments.

MamaPop – Sometimes funny, sometimes OMG!

Fun with Craigs List – Ok, so this guy has WAY too much time on his hands, but it sure makes for entertaining shenanigans.

Cake Wrecks - self explanatory. And c’mon, who can resist cake? Even truly ugly cake.

What are some of your favorite funny blogs? They can be handmade related or not. We all need funny, right? Please share. :-)

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