My Odoriferous Pendants: Another reason not to buy cheap jewelry

Merriam-Webster defines odoriferous as:

Pronunciation: \ˌō-də-ˈri-f(ə-)rəs\
Function: adjective
Date: 15th century

1 : yielding an odor : odorous
2 : morally offensive

— odor·if·er·ous·ly adverb

— odor·if·er·ous·ness noun

Several years ago, I purchased almost all of my jewelry on ebay. It was cheap, it was colorful and it fit a need at the time. For the last couple of years, most, if not all of these purchases have been sitting idly in my jewelry box. And some for VERY good reason. They were stinky.

Stinky jewelry you say? How odd. Indeed.

Some of the pendants I’d purchased smelled bad. Like dead animal, morning after binge drinking, bad.

Thursday night I couldn’t sleep, so, instead of having another glass of wine and going back to bed, like any normal person, I decided to clean out the odoriferous culprits in my jewelry box. I made a big pile of the stuff I no longer wear and proceeded to take them apart to determine the source of the smell.

Know what I found out? Really cheap jewelry isn’t made well. Big surprise, huh? There is glue. LOTS of glue. And lots of additions of paper or fabric or something under the stones in the pendants.  The something and the glue was what was stinky.

So I ended up putting all the silver into a pile to be melted later, trashing the stinky liner stuff, and stashing the myriad glass and stone cabachons I saved.  (You can see some of the glue still stuck to the rose quartz cabs in the second image below)

The glass cabachons will most likely end up in my supply shop on Artfire at some point. Not sure what I’ll do with the stone cabs I dug out of the miasma. LOL They may show up in my supply shop too.

So is there a lesson learned? Sort of.  There is nothing inherently wrong with purchasing inexpensive costume jewelry. It serves a purpose. But, to the best of my knowledge, the good stuff doesn’t stink.

The end.

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