Cold bench = limited new jewelry

It’s been cold. I mean really really cold. The high on Friday was 2 degrees F.



Wichita has been hovering between zero and 10 the entire week.  Until I started a bit of metalsmithing, I was happy to stay bundled and warm in my house and avoid the weather extremes. But, since I’ve started playing with fire, I’ve moved my metalsmithing bench to the garage. The garage with a VERY cold cement floor. I love all my tools. I love my torch. I love my little Smith heads. But I just can’t make the sacrifice to freeze my toes (and other body parts) to spend some quality time out in the garage.

The family unit is moving sometime in the spring to a bigger house. One of the requirements of this new, bigger home is that I can use a room in the basement for my own. A room that I can install an exhaust fan, has an exterior window and egress, and will be mine mine all mine for making jewelry. Being able to have ALL of my tools AND my torch all the same place = heaven. Additionally, being inside and WARM? Definitely icing on the cake.

Setting up a work bench is kind of like buying a new house, you know? Now that I’ve been  using mine for several years, I am pretty sure I know nearly exactly what I need at the next location. It’s kind of exciting. :-)

How did your work bench evolve? What was the biggest thing you learned that you would have part of your next work space?

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  1. i understand!!! i have an electric space heater that works like a champ on those cold days (but it’s never as cold in my neck of the woods as what you’ve described!). A word of caution before you move your entire studio into a new house: check with your homeowner’s insurance to see what their policy is about a torch and where it must be kept. Where I am torches aren’t allowed in the house at all or your policy is null and void. Better to be safe than sorry so check ahead of time and good luck!! stay warm!!

  2. I only started playing with metals this past summer/fall and I used to have my set up in the garage. When it started getting cold out, I moved to the basement (thanks to hubby for cleaning and making a space for me!) We had a bench that we weren’t using, so we set that up and I moved inside. WOW is it so much better! It’s still chilly, but at least I am not freezing. Also, I only have a small Bernzomatic so I can work safely. No big tanks for me.

    Hope you move inside soon!

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