Forrest Concepts: Recycling old books into journals. Brilliant.

Last week I entered a giveaway for a gift certificate from Sarah Jo of Forrest Concepts. I enter contests and giveaways all the time. I have NEVER won anything. Well, I take that back, there was that one time I supposedly won a book, but I never received it. So, technically, I guess I can say I have NEVER won a giveaway.


I received a convo from Sarah that I’d won her Facebook Fan Page giveaway. The prize was a gift certificate to one of her shops.  I chose to ‘spend’ it in her Forrest Concepts Etsy Shop. You can find her Diem Designs facebook fan page at

The journals she creates for Forrest Designs are really quite clever. Each is hand fabricated from discarded or otherwise recycled books and filled with 30% post consumer recycled paper. By keeping books from landfills, we lessen society’s carbon footprint and contribute to a greener economy. All unused pages are carefully recycled.

She’s got lots to choose from in her etsy shop, but says “not all my journals are in my store plus I have TONs of books waiting to be made into journals. Just send me a convo, and I’ll check my stock.”

Forrest Concepts is also in the midst of a big big sale right now too. Check it out at

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