Shiny Spotlight Thursday – Handmade artisan finds on etsy

Shiny Spotlight Thursday

Have you ever Googled yourself?  I remember the first time I did and some of the, ahem, less than family friendly links that were returned in my search results.  Having completed the Google experiment, I thought it might be fun to ‘etsy’ myself.  Some of the results are shown below.

Clicking on each image will link you to the seller of each item, if you decide you simply must purchase it.


Kristy Wallet from 2ndStreet

Sunlit Forest from TreeView

Kristi Lounge Pants from Lemon Drop Dreams

Gorgeous in greens fused glass platter

80 vintage jacket with heavy metal spiderweb

Happy Shopping everyone!

Look for the Shiny Spotlight every Thursday.

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  1. I’ve Googled myself too, that was before I had my official website and Etsy store – boy, did some, let’s say ‘interesting’ links pop up, haha! Fun post and lovely items! :)

  2. Cute! We are going low key with Jamie’s party this year too! Part of me misses not pikincg out all the cute decor and such, but I won’t be missing all the prep work and post party cleaning!! Not to mention the cost!

  3. Här kommer en till fråga, hehe:) Hur hittar du alla bra utländska hemsidor (ridgrejer) egentligen? Jag har försökt söka på google osv men själv kommer jag bara in på konstiga och dåliga sidor med dåligt utbud, haha. Tips på bra hemsidor?

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