Back in action. Again. :-)

I’m back. Well, sort of.

My work space is together. Most of the boxes are unpacked. I’m ready to put a bit of flame to metal. Wrap some wire. Set some beads. Just need some time. I wonder if that is packed away in a box somewhere too?

I like my new work area. It has a tile floor and a ceiling fan. I need to have an exhaust fan installed, but I’ll just use the windows and screen door for now.

ShinyAdornments Work Space

New Work Space

It’s about time I reopen the shops too.  I’ve had a nice, but busy hiatus. I should be ready to unlock the doors and say hello in a week or so.

Hello again everyone. Glad to be back. Nearly.

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  1. Thanks you guys. Got the space and the materials. It’s mostly finding the available time that is the challenge now. Sleep is optional, right?

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