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Perusing the etsy forums late Friday night, I found a post describing how to update my Facebook Fan site with a more formal landing page for those that had not yet fanned the page. The directions were pretty easy, so I thought I would share them with you so that you too could update your landing page. This landing page includes a request to fan the page as well as images of my jewelry and new logo.

To see what the heck I’m talking about, visit my ShinyAdornments Facebook fan page. See the tab called “Welcome” ? For those that aren’t current fans on my page, this is the page they will initially land on.

ShinyAdornments Fan Page Landing Tab

To begin, you need to create your very own ‘Welcome’ tab. To do so, you need to install the Facebook app called FMBL Tab.  Visit and click the link called “Add to my Page” located right below the FMBL page avatar.  Choose the fan page you want to use (should you have more than one), and then select “Add to my page”.

Return to your Fan page and click the “Edit Page” link located under your Fan Page avatar. Scroll down to FBML. It is nearly at the bottom of the list on my Edit page. Click the “Edit” link.

On the edit FBML page, enter the title you want for your new tab in the Box Title field. I used ‘Welcome’.  In order to add images, etc to your new page/tab, you’ll need to know a bit of HTML. Enter the HTML code for the page you want to add in the FBML text box.

My landing page uses three images I created using Photoshop linked to either my Facebook page or my Artfire Studio page.  All are various heights, but each is 475 pixels wide.

Here is the sample code I’ve used for my page. You can edit depending on the images and text you want to use:

<a href= FAN PAGE NAME GOES HERE><img src=”Your image name goes here. Needs to be hosted on flickr or photobucket, etc“></a>

<a href= FAN PAGE NAME GOES HERE><img src=”Your image name goes here. Needs to be hosted on flickr or photobucket, etc“></a><br>
<a href=” ARTFIRE STUDIO NAME GOES HERE” target=”_blank”><img src=”Your image name goes here. Needs to be hosted on flickr or photobucket, etc“><br>

Click ‘Save Changes’ once you’ve entered all the links and code you need.

To enable this Welcome tab as your new default landing page for non-fans, you will need to edit your settings again.  Click the ‘Edit Settings’ link under your Fan Page avatar again. Go to “Wall Settings” and click the “Edit” link.  In the view settings box, there will be a drop down menu for the “Default Landing Tab for Everyone Else”. Choose the FBML tab you just created and click “Save”.

You are done.


I know this one was long. Thanks for sticking with me. I’d love to see what you created. Post a link to your fanpage in the comments below.

Posted by Kristy of Simply Shiny

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  1. It worked! I had to fiddle with the location of the images (photobucket works much better than flickr for this app) but I got the new landing page up! Thanks for the instructions, Kristy! :-)

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