Need a social media boot camp?

Social Media Boot Camp from Artfire

From Artfire

“Are you lost when it comes to social media?  Do you have a Facebook page or Twitter account that you’re not sure what to do with?  Are you trying to find new ways to target and engage customers?  Then our upcoming social media boot camp is just for you!

Our social media boot camp, in partnership with our friends at Postling, will cover the most important social media topics for you and your business.  Starting on April 4th, each week’s session will cover a different topic to help you get the most out of your social media efforts.  There are no pre-requisites and no costs, don’t miss your chance to take your social strategy to the next level!”

Here’s a bit more info at the Artfire Blog: Social Media Boot Camp

And you can sign up FOR FREE here: Social Media Boot Camp Registration

And by the way, if you are unable to participate, all the materials shared in the sessions will be posted later in the Artfire forums. Nice.


Posted by Kristy of Simply Shiny

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