Where to sell online: Venue traffic list updated

Asking yourself where to list your handmade items? What sites have the most traffic? Which sites have increased their traffic? Which sites have decreased over the last several months?

I’ve updated my list. :-)

You’ll note that I’ve added several new sites this iteration, including Meylah.com, cargoh.com, boocoo.com and efreeme. Any I’ve missed?

Where to sell handmade online?

Etsy vs artfire?

Etsy vs zibbet?

Here are the top 10 according to Compete.com’s metrics:

New Rank Previous Rank Site Rank per Compete.com Unique Visitrs Mnth Note
1 1 ebay 11 64.2M
2 2 etsy 218 5.8M
3 4 zazzle 250 5.3M
4 3 cafepress 267 5.06M
5 5 ecrater 1,435 1.3M
6 6 bigcartel 2,097 887k
7 7 bonanzle 2,318 808k
8 8 rubylane 3,294 578k Blog
9 9 redbubble 3,930 484k
10 10 artfire 4,434 434k Site

You can see the entire HUGE list at the links above.

Posted by Kristy of Simply Shiny

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  1. I’m turning 40 next year so I ctleleopmy understand! The 30 s have been wonderful to me and I’m a little nervous about what the 40 s may bring! My oldest will be starting at MSU, my baby will be a Junior in H.S. and my book will be coming out soon after. Let’s put positive thoughts out together that the 40 s are going to be FABULOUS for us both!A very early Happy Birthday to you Laura!!!xoxJen

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