True Blood shopping fun – Go team Eric!

I admit it. I’m a True Blood fan. My DVR is religiously set every Sunday night. But you know what? Most of the time I’m there and watching while it is taping. Then, later, I can re-watch the most exciting bits again. I can’t take my DVR with me though, so I was perusing some of my favorite sites for wearable and collectible True Blood paraphernalia.  And I’m sharing.

There are lots of True Blood inspired items for sale on Artfire and etsy.  And, by inspired, I mean the handmade art that isn’t a direct knock off or copyright infringed creation. The sellers that continue to use images that are clearly copyrighted are everywhere, and frankly, deserve a good swift kick. Or bite. tee hee

Happily, there are lots of great True Blood inspired items to choose from, like the items I’ve included below.  Each item links back to it’s owners shop, if you are interested in purchasing for yourself. I’m going to pick up a couple.

Go team Eric!

I like 'em tall, blonde and dead. Eric Northman Mug   Blah blah blah vampire emergency. True Blood necklace

True blood inspired vial earrings I want to do bad things to you : True Blood

Dear Santa, I want a viking vampire for Xmas: True BloodTeam Eric Badge True Blood 

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