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ShinyAdornments has received Certified Handmade status at Artfire

My ShinyAdornments shop on Artfire has received the Certified Handmade status icon. YAY!

As I shared in my previous post, Artfire Studio owners must meet a set of criteria and have their shops reviewed by Artfire staff.  I’m now the proud owner of a lovely blue icon in my shop.

Artfire Certified Handmade Badge

When a buyer clicks this new icon in a seller’s Studio, this message is posted to the screen

“This Certified Handmade Artifact recognizes this
artisan’s commitment to exclusively offering
Handmade and Fine Art work in their studio.”

Of course the process and certification aren’t a perfect solution to some of the issues surrounding non-handmade items being listed and sold as handmade, thereby duping the unsuspecting buyer. Arguments can be made about whether or not the Artfire staff is qualified to actually deem one shop true handmade and another not. Additionally, as ONLY Pro shops can be ‘certified” there will be some concern about Artfire’s quest for $$ over substance, as Pro shops pay a fee each month to attain ‘Pro’ status which gives them access to many additional seller tools.  Finally, what policing power will be established to ensure certified Studios adhere to the only Handmade rule?

Regardless, I believe this is a very good first step for Artfire. A way for the buyers to whom it matters to identify artisan sellers and give them the opportunity to support handmade and not ‘faux’ handmade made in sweatshops, purchased for pennies, labled handmade and sold at a premium.

Again, Kudos Artfire!

Are you a Pro Seller on Artfire? Have you submitted your application yet?


Kristy from ShinyAdornments Artisan Jewelry

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