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New Etsy Treasury: And Also

I created my first Treasury East on Etsy earlier this week.  You can click on the image to be taken to the treasury if you’d like to visit the artists or read more about each item.

and ALSO etsy treasury

I don’t ‘get’ the new treasury format. I think I read that there are over 40,000 treasuries right now on etsy. 4ok!?? I”m wondering what purpose could possibly be intended? I don’t have much hope of mine ever appearing on Etsy’s front page. Selection to that hallowed space seems reserved for either Etsy admin or a favored few. The rest of the minions are relegated to the treasury cattle car is seems. (Minions is my word for the day. PetitPoulailler used it in the forums today and it stuck with me. Kinda slides right off your tongue doesn’t it? LOL)

Pretty though, huh?

Kristy from ShinyAdornments Artisan Jewelry

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