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Shiny flora. No Fauna. Unless you include the neighborhood snakes.

I moved. New digs. New accoutrements. New big yard with new flora. Lots of new fauna that doesn’t necessarily stay in the new big yard. I love the new house. Love the new neighborhood. Evidently the local neighborhood fauna loves the new house too.

In addition to the myriad of new spiders available in the abode, I’ve also discovered one snake so far in the basement. IN the house. Eeps. Luckily it was small and most amenable to being booted to the backyard by me at 7 am. We were also lucky enough to find a very unfriendly bird in the basement, attached to a sticky bug trap. No idea how it entered the aforementioned abode. While I am sure it was ultimately grateful to Hubs trying to release it outdoors, it displayed its immediate displeasure with the situation by exhibiting some persistent pecking of the Hubs during the release process.

Want to see a picture of the fauna?

No. Of course you don’t.

Flora though… how about some of the local yard flora? Local to my very own little yard.




Have a great day everyone.

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