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Wedding gifts and pearl packages

A wonderful fellow jewelry artisan is getting married soon. She’s got friends she’s made online all over the world, and accepts that a trip to the Midwest for her wedding is probably not within their budgets.

So instead, she’s asked her friends to help out a bit with the wedding preparations, as only fellow jewelry makers could do. Here is her love note to us (I’ve edited it a bit to protect the gorgeous bride to be):

“ While I would love to invite each and every one of you to my wedding, many of you simply wouldn’t be able to come due to various reasons. But your friendship and support has meant so much to me in my life that I can’t stand the thought of you not being there with me. Without each and every one of you, I wouldn’t be nearly as confident or, let’s face it, sane as I am. (Stop laughing, I am sane! ;) )

So I have a request…

I’m in the process of planning my jewelry for that day. I also have some of my great-grandmother’s crystals to use. But how would my bridal jewelry set be complete without pearls? You know how much I love them, right?

What I would love, though, are pearls sent from you to include in my necklace and bracelet. I’m not asking for a full strand or even a half strand – Just a single pearl or a few orphans you have sitting around. They needn’t be perfect, because to me they’ll be perfect coming from you. They needn’t be any specific size or shape, because I want to be forever reminded of each and every one of you. They don’t necessarily even have to be a certain color, because each of you has such a unique vision within your art that it would seem almost odd to have a single color. In fact, they needn’t actually be pearls – I just want something of you with me. (Something old, something new, something borrowed, something of the amazing community I belong to?)

Since I plan on waltzing by myself down the aisle on the day I get married with no one giving me away, I guess this is almost like asking you to do it.. Would you please do this for me? I can’t even begin to express how much it would mean to me.

If you’re unable to do it, I understand. I will still think of you when I put on my necklace anyway, because I have learned so much about not only jewelry from each of you but more importantly about friendship and how a strong community of women can empower you no matter how far the distance!

I love you! Thank you!”

The relationships I’ve made online are quite incredible. In many ways, the kinships I’ve made via the interwebs have allowed me to be me in ways silly, simple and sometimes profound. This is just another perfect example of the wonderful women I am lucky enough to call friends.


And a pearly package is heading toward a wedding party this week.

Love and hugs

Posted by Kristy of Simply Shiny

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